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St Joseph’s Pre-school – Statement of Values and Beliefs


We believe that we should provide an inclusive environment that welcomes and celebrates the uniqueness of each child.


We believe that the pre-school should offer the children opportunities for exploration, social interaction and independent learning.


We believe that these opportunities should focus on ‘active’ learning or learning through play.


We believe that the environment needs to be safe and secure as well as stimulating and challenging, tailoring activities to the needs and developmental levels of each individual child.


We believe that the resources and space need to be well organised and utilised with opportunities for children to explore both indoors and outdoors, alone, in pairs and in smaller or larger groups.


We believe that there needs to be a balance of both child and adult initiated and led activities.


We believe that children need to be supported in their learning by knowledgeable, well-trained adults who know how to scaffold and progress children’s learning experiences.


We value the use of observation in the assessment of children’s current abilities, learning styles, and interests and believe that it is these that should be used as our starting point when planning for progress.


We value the involvement of parents, not just in helping during sessions, but as partners who help us to plan according to their own child’s needs and interests and who support them in continuing the learning process at home.


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