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Sessions and Groups

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​2-Year Olds


Our Two Year Old Room is home to the Caterpillars, Tadpoles and Spiderlings. They have a dedicated room which is set up to meet the needs of our youngest learners but they still have opportunities to use the larger space in the hall and the outdoor area. We have places for up to 8 two year olds a session in our two year old room with space for a few more rising three year olds in our main hall. This includes both fee paying families and those entitles to the two year old funding. If you think that you may be eligible for a free two year old place then apply on-line from the Bristol City Council website by clicking HERE.

​3-4 Year Olds

Our Main Hall provides space for our three and four year olds. The children each belong to one of eight Key Person groups from the Ladybirds to the Grasshoppers or Dragonflies.

The Hall is divided into different areas including a Role Play area, Construction area, Markmaking area, Creative area, Discovery area, Book Corner, ICT area, Maths area, Small World area, Messy play area, as well as space for physical play, music making, and cosy quiet corners.

We also have a small but interesting outdoor space as well as use of the large adjacent school playground and a small side room for quieter and small group activities.

Other Activities and Sessions we run

Parent Stay and Play Sessions

We regularly run Stay and Play Sessions especially for our current parents and their child to join in with some fun activities TOGETHER! From Cooking to creating slime or experimenting with sensory activities. Things you can try again at home!
All enrolled families can come along to meet up with other parents and maybe stop for a cup of tea too. 

Taster Sessions

We encourage all our new families to come along before they start and let your child join in for short Taster periods with you still close by to support them whilst they get used to the new environment and people. Monday afternoons are particularly good for this as they are generally quieter.


Community Space
We also have a Staff/Community Room which we use for occasional Coffee Mornings, Parent Workshops, and Family Support. We are also hoping to run some more targeted groups such as a regular Mother and Baby Coffee mornings in the future too.

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